Accruing Leave in PayTek. This tutorial explains how PayTek accrues leave and what the different options are.
Setting up Pro-rata Leave in PayTek. This is worked example of how PayTek to accrues leave for a permanent part-time employee working varied hours.
Paytek Questions and Answers. This is a list of common questions about aspects of PayTek
Paytek’s After-the-Event Payroll Processing. The After-the-event option is ideal for bureaus processing payroll data for clients after year end for creating payment summaries and reporting to the ATO.
Processing a termination pay. Most termination payments are for unused annual leave and/or long service leave.
Deducting Child Support from an employee’s pay. This shows how you can garnishee child support payments from an employees pay. This typically comes out of the after tax amount amount.
Step-by-step End of Year procedure with PayTek. The critical step in your end of year processing is to review and make sure you data is all correct. Then you print the payment summaries, create the EMPDUPE data file and lodge it with the ATO on their business portal.
Pay item groups in PayTek. This explains all about Pay Item Groups in PayTek and how they can be utilised in your reporting and accrual calculations.
Setting up superannuation for an employee. This explains how PayTek calculates the Superannuation Guarantee Levy amounts for your employees and how to set it up correctly.
Setting up a superannuation salary sacrifice in PayTek. Salary sacrifice for superannuation is very common and PayTek allows you to set up a salary sacrifice that is clear and transparent to your employee.
Keeping track of Time in Lieu in PayTek. Time in lieu can be set up as a manual accrual in PayTek so you can manage it easily.
Setting up Paytek to pay your staff via bank transfer. If you create an ABA for your payments each payrun you can upload it to your Internet Banking for processing.
ATO : Superannuation Guarantee: Working out how much to pay The will help decide if you pay SGL on elements of your employees pay
ATO : Payments on termination This explains how to process termination payments for unused leave
ATO : Salary Sacrificing Superannuation General information on salary sacrifice super

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