ModelTek is a booking system designed to massively increase the productivity and flexibility of your booking desk.

It manages your talent’s schedules, shares the booking information between bookers, helps you communicate with your talent via email, sms, fax or phone and a lot more.

You can select and send a group of talent to a casting with the wizard at the same time putting job holds on their schedules.You can manage overbookings or options as you negotiate the best jobs for your talent.

You can email cards and job confirmations to clients. You can follow up tearsheets and make sure that you have a signed job confirmation where necessary.

ModelTek provides the full talent schedule at your fingertips as well as a full job history for each talent. The Deadlines screen ensures that every talent is advised of upcoming jobs before they happen.

Bookers manage each job they send the talent to until it is complete with everything charged to the client. It is then transferred to AccountTek for billing.

For more infomation about ModelTek please download our Introduction to ModelTek . This file is zipped for faster downloading and is 0.9mb in size. Please contact us if you require any assistance in accessing the file.