What's new in PayTek v2025

  1. v2025 has new tax tables. (These are significant changes that will reduce the tax for all employees). PayTek will check and update the tax tables if necessary when you open a 2025 company file.

  2. Superannuation Guarantee rate changes to 11.5% for 2025. PayTek will check and prompt you to update your superannuation funds with the new rate.

    NOTE: If you have non-standard rates in your superannuation funds it will not update but you can update the funds manually.

Superannuation Changes

Paytek 2025 now calculates and records the superannuation amounts for each payrun. This is in preparation for Payday Super (a planned ATO initiative that will require employers to pay their employee superannuation each pay day)

It is important to set up a superannuation fund for each new employee before paying them so the correct amount is recorded.

If you do not know their fund put them in a default fund so the correct amounts are calculated and reported to single touch payroll.

The Paytek enquiry screen and reports now show the superannuation amounts calculated for each payrun.