Software applications tailored for Australian businesses

Simple payroll software

It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Our Applications

ADE Group develops and supports a range of software applications tailored for Australian businesses, focusing on accounting and database systems.

PayTek 3


PayTek is our fully featured small business payroll module. It is a stand alone system that can interface to a range of accounting systems.

Bespoke Applications


AuctionTek is a database module designed to manage commission sales.
It integrates with AccountTek to fully account for commission sales and vendor payments.

ModelTek is a database module that manages talent representation.
It is specifically designed for the Australian talent industry and integrates with AccountTek.

AccountTek is our accounting system. It is multi-user and designed for Australian GST.
It provides full accounting through to financial statements.

Why choose us?

Real People

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Single Touch Compatible

We have single touch integrated with our application which is simple to set up and easy to use.

User Friendly

Our program developer specifically designed our applications to be easy to use.


Our applications are competively priced on the market, with various payment options.

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