What's new in PayTek v2024

  1. v2024 has new tax tables. (The only change from last year are for STSL debt repayments so you may not see any changes). PayTek will check and update the tax tables in your 2024 company files.

  2. Superannuation Guarantee rate changes to 11% for 2024. PayTek will check and prompt you to update your superannuation funds with the new rate.

    NOTE: If you have non-standard rates in your superannuation funds it will not update but you can update the funds manually.

  3. New STP check option on your companies menu. This option lists the current STP status of each company file according to PayTek.

4. New option to enter unused leave on termination from the main payroll screen to reduce the leave entitlement. 

NOTE: Leave paid on termination does not attract superannuation.

You can also enter a lump sum for unused leave on the termination screen but do not enter it in both locations.

5. Option on end of year menu to quickly send the final pay event message to single touch. If you forget to tick the “Final Pay Event” box when sending your last payrun to single touch, you can click this option to send the update.