Ad Hoc Single Touch Reporting

PayTek has an option to process payruns and report the accumulated totals in the next pay event submitted to the ATO.

This is designed to assist accountants and bookkeepers who are processing payroll for micro-employers who need payslips produced regularly but are only required to report to single touch quarterly.

It removes the need to submit each payrun and wait for the ATO to fully process the pay event before continuing.

To activate this option, go to Setup….Options…STP and tick the Send Single Touch Periodically checkbox.

Now when you finalise a payrun before submitting the previous one you will be given the option to “Skip” sending the last payrun.

This payrun will be added to the next payrun you submit to single touch (so the reporting total for W1 and W2 will accumulate). You can see the status of your single touch events by viewing the Single Touch Submission List on the Reporting menu.

When you finalise the last payrun for the quarter you can then elect to send the accumulated totals in one pay event to single touch. This will send the quarterly totals as the pay event (as well as updating each employees YTD figures as normal)


If you discover errors in these skipped payruns you can roll back and re-process them without having to send replacement pay events to single touch.

If you are processing a payroll purely for single touch reporting you should process monthly totals into PayTek. This allows PayTek to calculate the Super Guarantee totals correctly by allowing for the monthly minimum (currently $450). For example if you wish to report single touch for September you would process a and finalise a payrun for July then finalise August (skipping the July event). When you process September and finalise you would skip sending August then send September which would send July+August+September.