FAQ Reporting additional Superannuation for Directors

If you need to report extra super paid for directors etc you should enter that as a “salary sacrifice” in Paytek in a payrun so it can be reported to single touch.

This example shows you how to do this.

First you need a pay item for the salary sacrifice to superannuation.

This is used to record the amount withheld from the salary as a sacrifice.

Next you need a salary type pay item that is not subject to superannuation guarantee (ie not included in the pay item group that SGL is calculated on)

Now we enter the reportable super in the last payrun of the year.

Enter the amount as salary then withhold or deduct the same amount as a superannuation salary sacrifice.

The next effect on the gross income is zero but the superannuation with be reported.

When the payrun is finalised you see it will report the superannuation amount to single touch but not affect the gross income (zero in our example)

Make sure you link the salary sacrifice pay item to the directors masterfile so it will show on the superannuation reports when paying the superannuation.