Shift Worker Sick Leave

Under some awards, employees that are employed on a permanent part time with varying days or shifts are entitled to 10 days sick leave per year.

The complication is they are paid what they would normally earn on the sick day so it may be a 2 hour shift for a sick day or an 8 hour shift.
Because of this Paytek can track the days you owe but not how much you owe.
First we need a pay item to track this sick leave by day.


The pay item is set as an amount per hour with no rate as we do not know what the employee will be paid.

Set the accrual to days as shown.

Now create the accrual for the employee entering the opening balance in days. PAytek will accrue a fixed proportion each payrun so in this example the pay cycle is weekly so we accrue 10 days / 52 payruns = 0.1923 days per week.

We also specify that we have 1 “hour” per day to show days on the payslip.

Now on the payslip in our example we have the opening balance of 5 days plus the accrual for the week of 0.1923 less the 1 day paid (at $250) showing the new balance of 4.19 rounded to 4.2 days owing.