FAQ Paying Staff directly via Internet Banking

Here are the basic steps to electronically pay your employees.1. Enter your company EFT details in Setup…Options

The company ID number and or debit record may not be required by your bank.

2. Enter the payment details for each employee

You can split their net pay over 1 2 or 3 accounts (not credit cards). If you enter a second account specify how much to pay into that account. This has priority so up to this amount will be paid to account 2 and the rest will be paid into the default account (1).

3. Enter the payrun as normal

4. Check the Bank Summary for the current payrun (On Transactions menu)

5. Create the EFT transaction file that you will upload to your internet banking

This file is usually known as an “ABA file”. Pay attention to the location of the file so you can find it to upload.

6. Login to your internet banking, find the upload option for transactions and select the file. The bank should then process it on the date you have specified.

If you get any errors contact us if need assistance. The most common issue is the company id and debit record requirements that vary by bank.

Please contact us if you have any further queries.