Download New Paytek 2017

Instructions to download and install PayTek v2017

1. Download and print Getting Started with Paytek as a quick reference to setting up your PayTek file.

2. Click on the link below and save the file to Documents. If you are not asked
where to save the file it is probably automatically saved to your Downloads folder.
We recommend you save the file rather than run it from the web page as this two-step
process is more reliable.

3. Open Documents in My Computer and double-click the file.

4. Follow the instructions to install the program.

5. Start PayTek. You will be asked for your licence number and user name to register the system.

6. All done. You are ready to create your company payroll file and start using the system.

7. Refer to the setting up chapter in the manual to easily set up the payroll file.

Download PayTek 2017 Installation file