Download PayTek 2019.2 Update

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This update contains the tax tables effective from July 1, 2018.

Instructions to update PayTek

1. Click on the link below and save the file to My Documents.

2. (Keep the file on a USB stick or your hard drive in case you have to reinstall
PayTek and update it to v2019 in the future.)

3. Open My Documents in My Computer and double-click the upgrade file. Enter your
password sent in the email.

4. Follow the instructions to install the update.
If PayTek is installed on a network drive you can install the update from any workstation.
Make sure no-one else is using PayTek. You will have to know the location of your PayTek folder.
You can check this from the PayTek Configuration Report on the Reporting menu (Program Folder).

5. When you start PayTek and it opens a 2019 file it should detect that your existing tax tables are now out of date. Click Yes to update them to the new tables.

6. Then go to HelpAbout PayTek and check that the version is 2019.2

7. When you roll the end of year to 2019 PayTek will update the tax tables for you but you can check and load the new tax tables anytime.

Go to SetupTax Tables and click the Load button.

8. Check that the last value in Column B for the Tax Free Threshold Claimed table is 516.7885.  You can also compare any tax calculation with the ATO Tax calculator.

Congratulations – All Done.

Download PayTek 2019.2 Update