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Download 2021 PayTek Update


If PayTek is installed on a network drive you may have to install the update from the server as Windows may hide the server drive from the installer.

Make sure no-one else running PayTek when you do the update.

You will have to know the location of your PayTek folder. You can check this from the PayTek Configuration Report on the Reporting menu (Program Folder).

This update contains the new tax tables effective from July 1, 2020.

Instructions to update PayTek

1. Click on the link below.

(Your browser may automatically save to downloads)

2. Run the installer program: PayTek2021WebUpdate.exe

3. Enter your password sent in the email.

4. Follow the instructions to install the update.

5. When you start PayTek, it will automatically upgrade your database files to the current version.

6. Then go to HelpAbout PayTek and check that the version is 2021.