1. Introduction

PayTek is a simple-to-use payroll program that has been designed for the non-accountant and non-computer user. It allows the small business proprietor or manager to process the company payroll and provide information and reports needed for managing a business payroll.

On-line Help

Throughout PayTek you can press the F1 key at any time and the help file will be displayed at an appropriate page.


PayTek will use the default windows printer for all reports although you can set it to a different printer by using the Printer Setup option in the file menu.

If you are using an inkjet printer you may speed up report printing by unticking the Print report borders option in the setup window.

Data entry

Data entry is quicker for some users who are adept at using the keyboard. Use the tab key to jump between fields (Shift-tab to jump backwards).

To open a dropdown listbox, press Alt-down and then use the arrows to make the selection.

In date fields you can use the up and down arrows to advance or reverse the date. (There is no need to type the full year ie 06 will be accepted for 2006.)

Any field with a button next to it ie      means you can search for a value by clicking the button or pressing the F2 key.

More information

This manual is a reference explaining each aspect of PayTek. Check the ADE Group website for articles explaining how to use the system to best advantage. Remember that the help file is also available in any screen by pressing F1.