PayTek is our small business payroll system. It provides everything you need to manage your payroll. You can also run multiple payrolls with any number of employees. It is specifically designed for use with the Australian PAYG system.

Key Points of Differentiation

  • Enquiry screen allows you to review every transaction on file for each employee
  • Report layouts are clear and easily understood
  • Unique After-the-event option to allow accountants to quickly process payrolls at year end for reconciliation and payment summary printing and lodgement
  • Prints payment summaries on plain paper for all employee types
  • Enter and report TPAR payments to subcontractors
  • Keeps track of Holidaymaker tax payment thresholds for accurate tax calculations
  • PayTek is fully Single Touch Payroll enabled

Other features

    • Prints reports showing withholding tax and superannuation guarantee levy payable. Automatically prints the quarterly employee advice letters
    • Accrues leave based on hours or percentage of amount earned
    • Costing option to provide information on hours charged versus hours paid to employees
    • Timesheet data entry saves time and verifies hours worked for employees
    • User definable payslips and prints pay cheque/payslips
    • Interfaces with Accomplish CashManager and other accounting systems
    • Free initial support, and ongoing Australia-wide toll-free support line
    • Recommended by accounting firms across Australia


Download a trial version of PayTek with the Database Engine (about 6Mb)

Reviewing the PayTek Trial Version.pdf

Please use these handy tips to assist with evaluating PayTek.


Description Price incl GST
PayTek (once off licence fee) 439.00
Support and Upgrade program 198.00pa
Single Touch Gateway subscription (per ABN) 33.00pa