FAQ End of Year Processing

The first step is to ensure that the payroll is complete and accurate for the financial year. Make sure that the last payrun falling in the financial year has been finalised. (So the current payrun (which is NOT included in any reports) will be dated in the first week of July.) Use the Pay Period Report to see every finalised payrun on file.

Use the employee enquiry screen and other reports to check that everything is correct. If you have to declare FBT amounts on the payment summaries view the FBT report for the FBT year (ending in March) to confirm the amounts are correct. If not you can adjust the FBT adjustments from the End of Year menu.

Print the payment summaries and distribute them. If you preview them all and save them as a PDF you can reprint them if needed.

Now create the ATO payment summary file. Save it to a new folder or your desktop. This file is automatically named EMPDUPE. (You can rename it after you have submitted it via the business portal). When you have created it, print the audit report to verify its contents. The audit report option in PayTek opens the EMPDUPE file and formats it so you can easily read it.

Submit the file but uploading it in the ATO business portal. This process will validate it for errors first. If it is rejected you should note the errors (generally missing data like names and addresses etc). Go back to PayTek, correct the errors then create the empdupe file again (replace the original).
NOTE: If you have rolled over your PayTek file make sure you open the correct financial year, fix the errors and create the file again. then open your current year and fix the errors to avoid them next June.

Once your employees have their copy of the payment summary and the ATO has the EMPDUPE file you are done. It just remains to roll the file forward to the next financial year. Take 2 permanent backups of the file for posterity then do the Year-end Rollover. Make sure you keep a copy of the file online for future reference. Once this is done, the current payrun in the old year becomes number one in the new financial year and you are ready to pay your employees again.

TIP 1: You may want to delay sending the EMPDUPE file to the ATO for a few days in case any payment summary errors are picked up by your employees. If this happens, you can go into the file and do an adjusting payrun (date it 30th June) to correct it. You will then have to finalise the payrun, reprint the payments summaries affected and create the ATO file again.

If you have already done the year-end rollover and the adjustment affects any leave accrual amounts you may have to correct the opening accrual balances in the new financial year file for any employees affected.

TIP 2: There is no problem with rolling the file into the next financial year before printing the payment summaries and creating the ATO file. Just be careful of which financial year file you are working in and be aware that if any adjustment in the previous year affects the accrual balances you will have to amend the opening balances in the current year file.

Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature intended to assist in the use of the software. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances please seek assistance from your Accountant, the Australian Taxation Office or your IT Consultant as appropriate.